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Made online note taking app simple, created by Voltex Pixel.

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About NBVP

In a nutshell: "Made online note taking app simple, created by Voltex Pixel"

Notes by Voltex Pixel, NBVP for short, is a small web application created by Voltex Pixel.

Before he made this web application, he had a lot of troubles taking notes in the traditional way.
Sometimes, he can't find his note when he needs it. Someday, he got his note lost in somewhere.
Rarely, he even gets his notes stolen from others, and he has to spend a lot of time to get it back or write down again.

Because all of these small mistakes or troubles, he had hard times a lot because of one thing - NOTE.
Therefore, he started to create a small web application for taking his notes. Since he has to use his web application everywhere and anytime, he made it simple and compatible with every device.

After Voltex Pixel developed his web application for taking notes and used for a couple of months, he thought this could be useful to upload it online and let everyone use.



Simple but powerful

With a few simple clicks, you will be able to edit your notes with NBVP. Trust me – IT'S DAMN EASY.

Make notes for all purposes

NBVP allows not only just for making notes, but also for coding HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Python and more!

Multiple Notes Management

NBVP allows editing multiple notes that are available on the web server easily.

Compatible with every device

NBVP is compatible with every device, whether it is PC, Mobile Device or Tablet.

Font Type Modification

Multiple choices for font modification are available in NBVP. Remember, a good font of your notes will make them even better!

Secure Access Lock

NBVP can disallow others to see or edit your notes. Make sure your web server is safe from hackers!

TIP: To use NBVP on multiple devices, what you only need is the URL where NBVP is.


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In order to use NBVP, you must need your web hosting server where PHP 5.0+ is installed.